No cents from Adsense

No cents from Adsense

After consecutive days of Adsense earnings that was bringing the bacon (fat free bacon at $1+ only), i had a shock when i saw that my earnings for 90 clicks was a measly $0.10.

Now if my mathematics have not deserted me, that works out to be about a tenth of a cent for every click. Great going dude, at this rate, the Cassini-Huygens would have flown back from Saturn and another spacecraft sent out to Pluto before i perhaps hit my $10K mark.

Being a noob, i am clueless as to what has happened actually.
But i don’t intend to stay clueless for long. Now, i have always had this knack of getting the information i desired. All i have to do in this case is just to put my rusted brains to use once more and attempt to understand better the Adsense patent and stuff. I would recommend Eric Giguere’s site for Adsense beginners, since its what i’m going to read.

If its good enough for me, it should be good enough for anybody, considering i have the attention span of a three-year old. Ok Ok, i confess, i have the attention of a two year old. You happy now?

, i’ll be back. Stronger and more worthy of your consideration. Mark my words. After all, if i have the whole of Digital Point to help me, i cannot go wrong, unless i screw myself up.