Digital Point Forummers Fall In

Greetings my fellow forummers,
we are gathered here because i have a favor to ask of you.

Could you please suggest to me how can i get rid of a 404 error whenever a spider bot comes to this site? As far as i know, i already have a robot.txt, however i cannot seem to get any headway. The robot.txt section in the forum says much about creation, but nothing much on whether i should chage its permission or what?

i constantly getting errors similar to this:

Thanks to all who read up to this point, really appreciate your know-how and comments.

No cents from Adsense

After consecutive days of Adsense earnings that was bringing the bacon (fat free bacon at $1+ only), i had a shock when i saw that my earnings for 90 clicks was a measly $0.10.

Now if my mathematics have not deserted me, that works out to be about a tenth of a cent for every click. Great going dude, at this rate, the Cassini-Huygens would have flown back from Saturn and another spacecraft sent out to Pluto before i perhaps hit my $10K mark.

Being a noob, i am clueless as to what has happened actually.
But i don’t intend to stay clueless for long. Now, i have always had this knack of getting the information i desired. All i have to do in this case is just to put my rusted brains to use once more and attempt to understand better the Adsense patent and stuff. I would recommend Eric Giguere’s site for Adsense beginners, since its what i’m going to read.

If its good enough for me, it should be good enough for anybody, considering i have the attention span of a three-year old. Ok Ok, i confess, i have the attention of a two year old. You happy now?

, i’ll be back. Stronger and more worthy of your consideration. Mark my words. After all, if i have the whole of Digital Point to help me, i cannot go wrong, unless i screw myself up.

Simply Adore It

I really like the new WordPress. Though all the changes are not likely to be noticed even by the regular visitors (however few) but it still is pleasing to my eye that i can see all the effort changes being made to the interface for blogging.

Just makes you want to blog more often

WordPress 2

Think with the dawn of the new year, it might be time to tinker around technically with the blog again. And in true blue WordPress timing, the latest release is out to entice me back into “getting my hands dirty”

Though i read from Owen Winkler’s blog about the many problems faced by users who have upgraded, i do feel that it would allow me to get up to scratch with programming again. Yes, i hear the sniggers “PHP: Passing Has Problems”, but at least it will be good practise.

With Yahoo now supporting WordPress, i might even be tempted to just give up my server and just blog freely in every sense of the word.

Hmm, it sure feels good to be occupied.