The Things I Love About You… Youtube that is!

I have taken to Youtube recently. It seemed inevitable that i would be smitten by such and i am guilty as charged. I received a link from my chums telling me to check out this American Idol audition that showcased the young and lovely “Paris Bennett”. Ok, i admit, the friend sent out the email like this: “Hey, check out Paris. Real good stuff. You know you’ll want more.” Now before dirty thoughts start creeping in, i have always been interested in Paris, the city, not Paris Hilton. Yeah right!

Anyway, back to the post, after watching the video clip, i decided to just look around and lo and behold, i found plenty of interesting videos that made me forget the time and i just clicked and clicked til my mouse button came unhinged. Unhinged? Yeap, apparently my mouse has hinges.
So there i was happily surfing away looking at parodies of Sopranos, V for Vendetta trailers and even a how to build your linux box video. I would say that i came out of it wiser for the experience, but now i have a problem. I’m addicted to it!

Oh, btw, i did not see any Paris Hilton clips much to my chargrin!

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Bottle Cap Tripods

The rage these days it seems comes from a bottle cap and a piece of threaded dowel.

Branded a bottle cap tripod, it has emerged from the searches in all over the world to rise to the top search phrase for this week. That is no mean feat when you consider that it has to contend itself with the other hot phrases of the moment like “Bush does”, “Pavlina”, “in Euroweb”.

How do i know all this? All thanks to my Gmail and myspace@msn. I have been getting scores of emails from people telling me of what i have been missing out and urging me to go click on that flashing link to take a look. A Peek-a-boo of sorts.

Thats right, we definitely need to look more at spam and how to best counter them. Granted that spam will always think of new ways to attack our mail boxes, we still must perhaps develop thinking spam busters which would help to filter as much of unnecessary emails from even hitting our inbox. This is one situation when we definitely have to be constantly on the defensive since spam tends to find new innovative ways to entice us to click. Or maybe we can devise one spam buster where we can state something like: Bush out, pavlina in. Oh, we have that, its called a spam filter. :p

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No cents from Adsense

After consecutive days of Adsense earnings that was bringing the bacon (fat free bacon at $1+ only), i had a shock when i saw that my earnings for 90 clicks was a measly $0.10.

Now if my mathematics have not deserted me, that works out to be about a tenth of a cent for every click. Great going dude, at this rate, the Cassini-Huygens would have flown back from Saturn and another spacecraft sent out to Pluto before i perhaps hit my $10K mark.

Being a noob, i am clueless as to what has happened actually.
But i don’t intend to stay clueless for long. Now, i have always had this knack of getting the information i desired. All i have to do in this case is just to put my rusted brains to use once more and attempt to understand better the Adsense patent and stuff. I would recommend Eric Giguere’s site for Adsense beginners, since its what i’m going to read.

If its good enough for me, it should be good enough for anybody, considering i have the attention span of a three-year old. Ok Ok, i confess, i have the attention of a two year old. You happy now?

, i’ll be back. Stronger and more worthy of your consideration. Mark my words. After all, if i have the whole of Digital Point to help me, i cannot go wrong, unless i screw myself up.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

It seems that some of the public in Singapore has a personal vendetta against the much maligned victim in the recent phone-video episode. “Tammy” has quite rightly sought the authorities in stopping the further distribution of the video clip.

My take on this is this: Though she might have been much too young to appreciate the seriousness of pre-marital sex and all, but there are many who have gone on this path and i do not see them being chastised for what the public notion deems to be wrong. Its natural human nature to view others through rose-colored glasses, but the spiteful nature of whoever that mass-mailed the video is downright despicable.

I think in the events after the whole issue has been blown up, only serves to tell “Tammy” one thing; though the actions are not right in its sense, but you have the support of the people who truly condemn such thoughtless acts such as distribution of a stolen video clip.

I have an inkling that this whole matter might serve to make “Tammy” a more sensible person in the years to come and she would simply look back at this mis-step and view it as a lesson learnt.

Second Wind

It seems like a long time ago since the first post.

Since the days of blogspot, when Visual Grammar was born.

Initially a concept inspired by a pal, it has come some way.

Through the period of uncertainty, it cursed me with a sting which sent my life spiralling. My life was really in a shambles then, and i had to suffer the ignomity of suffering in silence.

It was only through grace that i managed to salvage my relationship with Annette and move from strength to strength. The old adage of only cherishing something once you have lost it is so true. I can only say, “Thank you, Dear”

Soccer has come to a standstill, the fellow teammates in arms long gone in pursuit of their dreams. I can only hope of seeking solace with the brothers in arms literally. Those that have been honoured as among the best men in the country. Those that can be relied on, not to shirk their responsibility. ( Yeah right! Go Eagles Go! )

Having said that, it sure is going to be an interesting year with plenty to look forward to and i hope to be able to document the more eventful stuff on a regular basis.

Visual Grammar; Linguagymnastics;

By any means, still ‘thoughts displayed out in prose. ‘

ETC, Etc, etc…

2006 promises to be a good year according to the Economic Trade Congress. There should be more jobs, higher wages and the like for everyone and this will indirectly push up our consumer price index. Well, its really good that we hear of such good forecasts, kinda gives everyone a feel-good factor. Well, at least for me, i am concerned with the tech sector, since its where i work. Good to hear that our neighbours (TECH) are getting 5 months bonus. Thats quite a sum. Chartered used to give out more, and if the management is to be believed, we will be back to those days in 2 years time.

Rat race continues, nothing more to be said. What i have lost, i have regained. Gotten rid of the dead-wood in my life. I don’t think i want them back. Its all for the better. That way, my life can be more fulfiling. 15 days into the new year and i am already feeling a high. Wait, there’s more, there will be more highs in days to come. Great! Sein is back and the lads can get together again. Think there will be some welcome back meet-up i guess. ”
“Ellenborough tok cock” anyone?

Do miss soccer, miss the ball, miss the pitch. Though its also not a bad thing, esp if you were me, having to endure frustrating times with inept ability and with lack of effort. Give me Hahaha Utd anytime!

The Day After Yesterday

We wish we know what is in store
Though that would be a bore
A journey, not a destination
We race for the rise of nations
In face of many onslaughts
How we stood and fought
My peers i left them by
For they want to fly
Rooted to the ground i am
Play it again, Sam
Simple truths always show
What we already know
If this is how it should be
Then go ahead, set me free
For lest i be accused of jest
I wash my hands off this mess
Age plus four we shall see
What fogs we have been
For everything has a price to pay
That’s all i have to say