Its seems like everywhere we go on the internet, we come across google click ads which delivers targeted ads based on the content.
Seems like a really useful invention to me, especially, when it enables ordinary folks like you and me to get a slice of the pie.
The money making pie that is.

Although i am not really that fanciful of money and such, i do realize that the click ads will eventually help to pay for this site and thus would allow for better content when there is ROI present.

Now thanks to Adsense Deluxe my job is made even easier and i cannot feel that i should write about this to give potential Adsense users a chance at grasping the concept of having a plugin that does the work for you, rather than going over the countless php codes which might not be every bloggers cup of tea.


Linguagymnastics has jumped on the bandwagon.

I am actually attempting to  generate some revenue from this blog which you are reading.

Naturally, i shall attempt to put in more interesting stuff, maybe more sniping, maybe more ramblings. But the trouble is that more often than not, i like to take the road less travelled. This is completely in sync with my “Maverick” syndrome, always going against the rest, not afraid of stepping on tails. Well, nothing gonna change for sure.

Of course, with all things, there might be a trade off somewhat, but i figured that out with the bad and in with the good has never hurt anyone before and thus i am embracing it, and i must comment that so far, i am seeing all the good things. Its really like getting rid of dead wood, in order to grow more. Sure is gonna be a great 2006.

God is back!

Our Fowler
Thou art is scoring
Robbie be thy name
Thy transfer has been done
On a free as it is in January
Give us this day our favourite Red
Alonso will give you the best passes
As Carra stops those who pass against us
Deliver us the title
And lead us not into relegation
For eleven is your number
Forever and ever
Our man

Taken from