Its seems like everywhere we go on the internet, we come across google click ads which delivers targeted ads based on the content.
Seems like a really useful invention to me, especially, when it enables ordinary folks like you and me to get a slice of the pie.
The money making pie that is.

Although i am not really that fanciful of money and such, i do realize that the click ads will eventually help to pay for this site and thus would allow for better content when there is ROI present.

Now thanks to Adsense Deluxe my job is made even easier and i cannot feel that i should write about this to give potential Adsense users a chance at grasping the concept of having a plugin that does the work for you, rather than going over the countless php codes which might not be every bloggers cup of tea.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

It seems that some of the public in Singapore has a personal vendetta against the much maligned victim in the recent phone-video episode. “Tammy” has quite rightly sought the authorities in stopping the further distribution of the video clip.

My take on this is this: Though she might have been much too young to appreciate the seriousness of pre-marital sex and all, but there are many who have gone on this path and i do not see them being chastised for what the public notion deems to be wrong. Its natural human nature to view others through rose-colored glasses, but the spiteful nature of whoever that mass-mailed the video is downright despicable.

I think in the events after the whole issue has been blown up, only serves to tell “Tammy” one thing; though the actions are not right in its sense, but you have the support of the people who truly condemn such thoughtless acts such as distribution of a stolen video clip.

I have an inkling that this whole matter might serve to make “Tammy” a more sensible person in the years to come and she would simply look back at this mis-step and view it as a lesson learnt.

Greed of M$

Seems like good ol’ Billy decided to charge for a new Microsoft Windows license if you decide to change your motherboard. Apparently, thats the “one base component “left standing” that would still define that original PC.” So change your motherboard, you will be considered having a new PC. Thus the extra charges for a new license.

So to the many hobbyists that build PCs either for a living or leisure, you are now likely to think twice, or else switch to Linux.

For me, its Apple for my next desktop, since now they have the Intel chips

Second Wind

It seems like a long time ago since the first post.

Since the days of blogspot, when Visual Grammar was born.

Initially a concept inspired by a pal, it has come some way.

Through the period of uncertainty, it cursed me with a sting which sent my life spiralling. My life was really in a shambles then, and i had to suffer the ignomity of suffering in silence.

It was only through grace that i managed to salvage my relationship with Annette and move from strength to strength. The old adage of only cherishing something once you have lost it is so true. I can only say, “Thank you, Dear”

Soccer has come to a standstill, the fellow teammates in arms long gone in pursuit of their dreams. I can only hope of seeking solace with the brothers in arms literally. Those that have been honoured as among the best men in the country. Those that can be relied on, not to shirk their responsibility. ( Yeah right! Go Eagles Go! )

Having said that, it sure is going to be an interesting year with plenty to look forward to and i hope to be able to document the more eventful stuff on a regular basis.

Visual Grammar; Linguagymnastics;

By any means, still ‘thoughts displayed out in prose. ‘


Linguagymnastics has jumped on the bandwagon.

I am actually attempting to  generate some revenue from this blog which you are reading.

Naturally, i shall attempt to put in more interesting stuff, maybe more sniping, maybe more ramblings. But the trouble is that more often than not, i like to take the road less travelled. This is completely in sync with my “Maverick” syndrome, always going against the rest, not afraid of stepping on tails. Well, nothing gonna change for sure.

Of course, with all things, there might be a trade off somewhat, but i figured that out with the bad and in with the good has never hurt anyone before and thus i am embracing it, and i must comment that so far, i am seeing all the good things. Its really like getting rid of dead wood, in order to grow more. Sure is gonna be a great 2006.

God is back!

Our Fowler
Thou art is scoring
Robbie be thy name
Thy transfer has been done
On a free as it is in January
Give us this day our favourite Red
Alonso will give you the best passes
As Carra stops those who pass against us
Deliver us the title
And lead us not into relegation
For eleven is your number
Forever and ever
Our man

Taken from

ETC, Etc, etc…

2006 promises to be a good year according to the Economic Trade Congress. There should be more jobs, higher wages and the like for everyone and this will indirectly push up our consumer price index. Well, its really good that we hear of such good forecasts, kinda gives everyone a feel-good factor. Well, at least for me, i am concerned with the tech sector, since its where i work. Good to hear that our neighbours (TECH) are getting 5 months bonus. Thats quite a sum. Chartered used to give out more, and if the management is to be believed, we will be back to those days in 2 years time.

Rat race continues, nothing more to be said. What i have lost, i have regained. Gotten rid of the dead-wood in my life. I don’t think i want them back. Its all for the better. That way, my life can be more fulfiling. 15 days into the new year and i am already feeling a high. Wait, there’s more, there will be more highs in days to come. Great! Sein is back and the lads can get together again. Think there will be some welcome back meet-up i guess. ”
“Ellenborough tok cock” anyone?

Do miss soccer, miss the ball, miss the pitch. Though its also not a bad thing, esp if you were me, having to endure frustrating times with inept ability and with lack of effort. Give me Hahaha Utd anytime!

Simply Adore It

I really like the new WordPress. Though all the changes are not likely to be noticed even by the regular visitors (however few) but it still is pleasing to my eye that i can see all the effort changes being made to the interface for blogging.

Just makes you want to blog more often

Use Absence to Increase Respect and Honor

Too much circulation makes the price go down: The more you are seen and heard from, the more common you appear. If you are already established in a group, temporary withdrawal from it will make you more talked about, even more admired. You must learn when to leave. Create value through scarcity.

WordPress 2

Think with the dawn of the new year, it might be time to tinker around technically with the blog again. And in true blue WordPress timing, the latest release is out to entice me back into “getting my hands dirty”

Though i read from Owen Winkler’s blog about the many problems faced by users who have upgraded, i do feel that it would allow me to get up to scratch with programming again. Yes, i hear the sniggers “PHP: Passing Has Problems”, but at least it will be good practise.

With Yahoo now supporting WordPress, i might even be tempted to just give up my server and just blog freely in every sense of the word.

Hmm, it sure feels good to be occupied.